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Smarketing helps you send your best offers via traditional mail.Our Customers get exclusive rights to their zip code for their letter. This means no household will ever get the same letter from two agents! Smarketing was built by a Top Agent to combat the terrible "spray and pray" services out there. We focus on Targeting by Underwriting & Xdates!

Why us?

Underwriting based Targeting Methods = Lower cost Higher Close %.

Our mail services are run by a successful Insurance Agent, who knows all of the underwriting variables that brings you the highest ROI. It also means we sell you less mailers per zip code because we filter out the homes you don't want! Lower cost per zip code higher ROI's means you'll be our customer for life!

We understand mail fatigue while others don't...

Ever noticed with your current direct mail service that the contact rate dropped after a year? Well, that's because of mail fatigue. Mail fatigue is due to consumers getting the same letter twice knowing it's spam. At Smarketing Mail we hire professional designers to update our piece annually staying ahead of trends and keeping our contact rate fresh!

Exclusive zip codes for your carrier!

No one wants to share households or mail to the same zip codes. Yet your corporate letters might hit a mailbox with 4 identical mail pieces. With Smarketing you'll be the only unique and engaging mail-piece they get.

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